our services:

Absentee Services - Provide weekly home inspections, perform mail pick-ups, make storm preparations (e.g. install storm windows, secure outdoor furniture) and serve as a local emergency contact.

Sub-Contractor Management and Delivery Supervision- Provide and supervise access to your home by Sub-Contractors and Delivery personell.

Concierge Services - Home openings and closings, pantry stocking, firewood stocking, automobile prep and detailing,

Home Care - Power-washing, gutter cleaning, snow removal, water filtration system maintenance.

Rental Management - Handle communications with tenant, collect deposit and rent, perform weekly home checks, pre-and post-rental cleanups


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our services

We offer the following services...

  • Property Management Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Rental Management Services

property tips

Electronic Equipment -
Unplug all counter appliances and chargers before you leave your home.

Windows and Doors -
Make sure all the latches and locks are secure. more tips...